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*The standings reflect teams that have reported all their games - maximum games played so far is 36, since everyone has had a bye week.  If all the games have not been reported, or a bye week has caused them to not have played the max number of games, then you will see a ranking of 10 for that team. 

A new table has been added that ranks the teams based on percentage. 



Regular Season Standings

Ashland Oldham County Baptist22141
Crestwood Baptist231010
Crestwood United Methodist #2191410
DeHaven Baptist171610
Mt. Tabor Methodist151810
Crestwood Christian132010
LaGrange Christian82510



Regular Season Standings as Percentage

Crestwood Baptist231070 %
Ashland Oldham County Baptist221461 %
Crestwood United Methodist #2191458 %
DeHaven Baptist171652 %
Mt. Tabor Methodist151845 %
Crestwood Christian132039 %
LaGrange Christian82524 %