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*The standings reflect teams that have reported all their games - maximum games played so far is 36.  If all the games have not been reported, or a bye week has caused them to not have played the max number of games, then you will see a ranking of 10 for that team. 

A new table has been added that ranks the teams based on percentage. 



Regular Season Standings

Crestwood Christian19171
DeHaven Baptist16202
Mt. Tabor Methodist13233
LaGrange Christian12244
Ballardsville Baptist11255
Crestwood Baptist24910
Ashland Oldham County Baptist231010
Crestwood United Methodist #2201310
Covington Ridge Baptist181510



Regular Season Standings as Percentage

Crestwood Baptist24973 %
Ashland Oldham County Baptist231070 %
Crestwood United Methodist #2201361 %
Covington Ridge Baptist181555 %
Crestwood Christian191753 %
DeHaven Baptist162044 %
Mt. Tabor Methodist132336 %
LaGrange Christian122433 %
Ballardsville Baptist112531 %