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December 9, 2017
Updated league schedule is here.

The 2017/2018 season kicked off on October 5th.  The start time for the games has changed to 7pm.

Again this year we have added a table to the Standings page which reflects the team rankings based on percentage.

Team Captains, remember to report your wins and losses, batting avg, RBIs and home runs to
Bob Nevins at 649-3209
or send via email at



Week 10 and things are Tight

  • Crestwood Baptist and Crestwood UMC#2 tied at the top.
  • Rick Kriel of Covington Ridge Baptist retains lead over the batting average category with .624
  • Chet Rozak of CUMC#2 leads the HR category with 15.
  • Todd Burns of Crestwood Baptist is lead in the RBI category with 25.

Team of the Week 

Big night for the folks from the North makes..

Covington Ridge Baptist the Team of the Week



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